Winter Fade







Book One of Winter Fade series

“Am I dead?”
“No, little brave one. You’re just beginning your new life.”

Imoen Doyle was adrift, lost with no way forward.

She had come to Los Angeles from her childhood home in Eugene, Oregon, to attend university – never realizing that fate had other plans in store for her.

A chance encounter with a renegade incubus propels her into a world whose perils force her to confront fears she set aside, and test her resolve to find her path again.

The nightmare of her introduction to her new life was only the first step.

Along the way, she will meet an array of other vampires from whom she can learn, if she can survive the lessons…

The dangers she now faces threaten Imoen and those she has grown to love, forcing her to recognize that not all choices are made freely or without cost, and that who she is will matter more than what she has become.

“You are transcended, and he is fallen.” – Isabel

“All things are born in pain.” – Elias

“Some were careless. Our life has a way of weeding that kind out.” – Darya

“Given the circumstances, her chances for survival are not good.” – Malcolm

“She isn’t ready. Pick someone else.” – Gabriel

“When it comes to war, you choose sides.” – Seth

“Don’t be afraid. I’m not going to hurt you.” – Katharine

“She’s certainly got spirit. A little fighter, ain’t she?” – Jake

“We entice the soul to leave. Where it goes from there we don’t know.” –Lucan

“She’s a succubus, you said? Her temperament would be a challenge for her to overcome.” – Brianna

“Fine. Lie there and bleed. Wait to kiss the sunrise goodbye. I figure you’ve got a little over an hour. Enjoy it.” – Toby