Snowflake Promise







Book Three of Winter Fade series

“They say the third time is the charm.” Imoen pressed her blade against his neck. “Care to guess what the fourth time is?”

Imoen Doyle feels lost between two worlds, her own as a vampire and her husband’s werewolf clan.

When a contingent from New York makes an unexpected visit, she and Ben find themselves embroiled in a mystery of unexplained behavior by a small group of werewolves, and encounter new dangers posed by old enemies.

As the stakes rise and it seems all isn’t as their hosts imply, they discover that devotion can come at a cost.

“It’s never been your accuracy I’m concerned about. It’s your speed and reactions.” – Darya

“Your success was her failure, and she has never forgiven.” – Isabel

“Don’t start something you can’t finish. Word to the wise.” – Jake

“We are not the ones seeking a war, but we will not turn away should that course of action become necessary.” – Gavin

“It’s very important that this issue be contained, and I’m not entirely certain it is as it’s been portrayed.” – Joanna

“Keep your allies close at hand. Assuming you can discern who they are.” – Lucan

“Sometimes we put aside the past by looking toward the future. Sometimes we have to go the other way first.” – Toby

“You don’t learn, do you? Were you not satisfied with this lesson? Or shall I let her finish?” – Thaddeus

“It appears we’ve been given a guardian angel.” – Ben