Firefly Kiss







Book Two of Winter Fade series

“Memories are gifts. Sometimes they bring pain, but often they bring only what you ask of them.”

Imoen Doyle’s body may remain forever unchanged from the night she became a succubus. But some scars lie hidden within, biding their time. Sensual like all of her kind, and deadly in a fight when danger arises, she still recognizes that loneliness transcends even her nature.

During one of her solitary nighttime swims off Santa Monica, she ponders what Fate has in store for her.

She doesn’t have long to wait. And the challenges she now faces won’t be undertaken alone.

“I thought you didn’t hunt renegades.” – Darya

“I hear the Killer Angels got two more last night.” – Jake

“I’ve seen you before.” – Ben

“He won’t bite, will he?” – Isabel

“I don’t relish sifting your ashes from werewolf scat.” – Toby

“You can only carry vengeance so far. Know when it’s done.” – Katharine

“You’ve taken bullets and who knows what else, but you’re afraid of needles?” – Peter

“Trust must flow in both directions. The seeds of distrust shatter cohesion more readily than betrayal.” – Joanna

“You knew before what it was. Now you know what it means.” – Lucan

“We can’t win wars by taking out pawns.” – William

“Checkmate.” – Gabriel