“Who is she?”

“Someone who has transcended.”

When Isabel met Jeremy, she was as much enraptured by his mystery as he was by hers.

A simple choice to follow him one night in 1924 set her upon a new path, one shaped by trust, and guided by stars.

“How many?”

“I don’t count them. I only shoot them.”

Darya left behind her life as a pianist just before Leningrad became encircled. She found a new purpose in the winter struggles of the Battle of Stalingrad – as a sniper. Her discipline became her shield, and her passion her strength. But she never imagined the other strange turns her life would take . . .

“Did you join, intending to cover yourself in glory?”

“We got covered in a lot of things. Most of ‘em not very glorious.”

Katharine believed in her calling as a nurse in Camp Douglas during the bitter days of the Civil War. Yet the arrival of a new prisoner, a Texan named Jake, became a central part of a series of events that would have fateful consequences for her and those she loved.

Becomings reveals the stories behind three characters from the Winter Fade series – Isabel, Darya, and Katharine.

Born in different eras and tested by the events surrounding them, their paths will eventually intersect many decades after their lives changed forever.