Sunflowers and Baby Birds

Our backyard is a little different every time spring comes around.

Since our yard is a gathering place for many birds, we often see a variety of plants arise each year to mix it up with the more sedate Saint Augustine grass.

This year, we have a total of thirteen Sunflowers rising up in our yard.  I’m hoping enough will bloom at the same time to make quite a colorful picture.  At the present, several have begun to bud and one turned its bud sideways a couple days ago and opened its bloom today (click for larger picture):







Along with the floral gifts the birds have generously graced our yard with, we also have what looks like another yellow squash plant coming up again (no picture yet, as it’s just a few leaves).

And the doves have already begun building their flimsy nests that barely last long enough for a fledgling to leave – which they sometimes end up doing early when the nest doesn’t quite make it (click for larger picture):







But that’s what windowsills are for.

Because while some pigs build houses of straw or sticks, Practical Pig prefers brick.  And so do baby birds whose nest of sticks and twigs has disintegrated.

Hopefully, Mama Dove will teach her young one caution.  Since the Cooper’s Hawk is ever vigilant and always watching for unwary White Winged Doves (click for larger picture):








3 thoughts on “Sunflowers and Baby Birds

  1. My mother would love that photo of the hawk! And I have found that doves aren’t particularly smart, especially when I’m driving my car down the road and they just look stand there thinking about whether or not the REALLY want to move out of the way. lol

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