I’m an author of Urban Fantasy / Paranormal novels.

On the following pages of this site, you’ll be able to read excerpts from the books and gain a feel for the stories they reveal.  They’re available on Amazon in both Kindle and Trade Paperback (6″ x 9″) formats, and samples are available there as well.

These novels fall into the great middle-ground of Urban Fantasy and Paranormal, an area that at times feels under-served – as more attention has sometimes been devoted toward stories targeted mainly for teens or aimed at the more risqué adult fare of the genre.  Writers like Kelley Armstrong, Patricia Briggs, Eileen Wilks, Kim Harrison, and others have explored this middle area, developing their own worlds.

My stories find their focus upon their characters, strong females who have a tendency toward confronting danger when called upon – sometimes in unique ways.  These characters will grow over the course of their adventures, and the challenges they face are both within and without – as with all of us.  It’s what makes us identify with them and root for them to overcome ordeals they encounter – so we can meet them once more on the other side, made wiser by our mutual experiences.

I like readers to be able to visualize the story, to see the world in their mind as the adventure unfolds and the characters emerge and come to life.  Each character has their own reason for being, their own motivations, and they will act accordingly for better or ill – and sometimes both.

Along with that, these stories will take some unusual turns over their course.  And when the climaxes happen – and there are usually more than one – I want readers to feel that the resolutions matched the challenges.

I hope readers enjoy them and come to know the characters who brought these stories to life.